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Empower your future through diverse investment opportunities tailored to your goals. Join us on a journey towards financial growth and stability.

Who We Are

The Enugu state investment Development Authority champions investor-friendly policies and assisting investors with pre-investment services

Navigate towards a prosperous future through strategic investments. Our platform presents a diverse array of opportunities meticulously tailored to align with your financial aspirations. Harness the potential of your capital as it grows, forging a path to enduring wealth and economic security.

Our Value

Guiding Enugu State Investment Development Authority

At Enugu State Investment Development Authority, our values of integrity, innovation, and community empowerment drive every investment decision, fostering sustainable growth and prosperity for all.

Our Vision

Enugu State to be recognised as the best of attraction to investors in Nigeria.

Our Mission

To launch Enugu State into the top three economies in the West African Sub - Region.

Our Motto

Unlocking Prosperity: Where Dreams Become Investments, and Investments Shape Nations.

What we offer


Ease of Doing Business

Simplified regulations and digital tools empower entrepreneurs, spurring economic growth by streamlining business operations and fostering innovation

Business Consulting

Elevate Your Business with Expert Consulting. Unlock innovative solutions, streamline operations, and achieve your goals.

Human capital development

Nurturing Excellence Through Human Capital Development. Cultivate skills, empower teams, and drive growth. Join us in shaping a brighter future for your organization.

One-stop Investment centre

Your Pathway to Prosperity Starts Here. Discover Opportunities, Maximize Returns. Welcome to the Investment Center, Where Your Financial Goals Take Shape.

PPP Coordination

We are always here to guide you through your investment journey. For any enquiries, please contact our PPP Coordinator, Mr. Chibuike Ozofor on: 08038695281


Enugu State: A Strategic Investment Destination

Experience the future of investment in Enugu, Nigeria. Discover a thriving hub of opportunity, innovation, and growth. Invest in Enugu today and be part of a dynamic economy poised for success.

Why Invest in Enugu

10 Reasons to take your Investment to Enugu State

Enugu is Peaceful and stable.
Enugu has one of the fastest growing economies in Nigeria.
Enugu has huge potentials for increased return on investment
The World Bank recently rated Enugu as second most advanced State towards Ease-of-Doing-Business.
Enugu's weather climate is topnotch for agricultural or farming business.
Enugu State has one of the most harmonized tax-systems in Nigeria; giving investors rest of mind.
Enugu State has young, educated, energetic and vibrant labour force that an investor can think of
Security: Enugu State Government recently invested in multi-billion naira apparatuses to equip security agents
Invest in technology opportunities in Enugu and reap immense benefits
Enugu State has huge investment opportunities in agricbusiness, manufacturing, healthcare, tourism, energy, mining, real estate, transportation.

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